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Interviews ... Global Jobs Scholarships week ending 04 February 2018

Yep the first month of the year is ending but tomorrow is still a whole new world so make it count. Although it seems like a lifetime ago, over the holidays I was in transit. Not figuratively, I was literally hopping between cities and continents. Spent the final 2 weeks leading into this month on what I believe was a family vacation although my wife and hosts dubbed it a studycation as I was leisurely (at least to me) completing some online training replete with multiple certification exams. It is not unusual during the cross over night service to hear, “this year levels must change O”.
A few ways career ‘levels’ can ‘change’ is if you renegotiate your contract, change roles and/or change jobs. The last 2 involve interviewing as a rite of passage. For those with interviews in the new year, a point always comes when the interviewer(s) say, “do you have any questions?”. This is always an opportunity to show interest in your potentially new company but quite a few people fluff it. As pa…