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Death to Xenophobia and Tribalism!

A Nigerian senator-elect makes a case for unity of the black race. What do you think? High points in the battle of ideas include:

"Many people are unaware that before the British had free and qualitative
education in Great Britain, we were already implementing that policy in
the Western region of Nigeria under that great sage, Chief Obafemi

Also "Even more are yet unaware that before many in Europe and Asia came up
with the idea of a single visa and economic free continental
zone(EU/ASEAN), Kwame Nkrumah had already conceived of the idea and was
advocating for  one pan Africa without borders".

My little contribution is that it is vital that we do not just dream dreams but clinically execute those ideas until they become concrete reality.

Please go through his article culled from ThisDay Newspapers and draw your own conclusions.

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