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Here i Grow again

I have just recovered from my worst illness in 6 years. A virus i must have contacted in Dubai or Doha between 27-31January was compounded by a secondary strain and voila 2 weeks of my life. WIth the pressures from a job in Nigeria and PhD research and worries about how and when to get married i had to think with help from Bob Perks essay produced in part below:

I sat on the hill in my yard a while and wondered about the day. I wanted to know what tomorrow will bring and what to do with yesterday. I have thought these thoughts a million times and each time just gave in.

But I discovered today that the answer lies not what I’m without, but
what’s within. This grand revelation came from watching my dog play with a blade of grass. We’ve had some heavy rains the last few days and I haven’t had the opportunity to just sit outside.  But today the clouds gave way to the sun and at least for a few minutes I was able to catch up on my thinking.  It was when I looked down at a blade of grass t…