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Reconstructing Nigeria for Prosperity Part Deux

In the second series of his three part article the former Central Bank  of Nigeria (CBN) governor and professor emeritus goes for broke. He quickly identifies the need for fiscal federalism, decentralisation of power (to have a weaker center and stronger regions) and the unsustainability of the present system. In essence he argues that if the 1963 constitution was not broken then why fix it? This line of reasoning has its merits and indeed some Nigerians have been quick to praise his erudite propositions. 
While I do not deny the sheer audacity of his ideas or the need for change it is vital that we all understand what he means by "competitive federalism, multi-speed Nigeria and subsidiarity". In a multi-speed Nigeria some regions will definitely be left behind which is true of life. Even kids born in the same family often end up at different destinations. However removing the "feeding bottle" in this case is akin to disowning this child and could mean some kids w…

Engineering and Technology Scholarships and Jobs for Week starting 17 September

Its a new week guys and there is even more opportunity for jobs and scholarships from someof the UK's most prestigious universities.I missed my appointment with you guys last week. I beg your pardon for that. Did anyone even notice?I let my angst out. I let my self go. And when i fall down? ....vI get a job. Lots of jobs but fewapplicants. Take your destiny in your hands and make this happen. Good luck with all your efforts this week....... PhD Studentship Mathematical Modelling of Blood and Lymphatic Vessel Development Bioengineering University of Southampton Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Biomechanics Faculty of Science, Engineering & Computing Kingston University Research Fellow Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Centre for Communication Systems Research (CCSR) University of Surrey Research Technician St John's Institute of Dermatology, Division of Genetics and Mol…

What is the difference between longitudinal and transverse waves?

Reconstructing Nigeria for Prosperity Part Uno

As usual when an individual who has reached the pinnacle of the triumvirate of academia, politics and business speaks ... it sounds like a thunderclap. Once again Professor Soludo, immediate past Governor of the Nigerian Central Bank, immediate past PDP candidate for governor of Anambra state and current international consultant to several regional and national organisation has spoken.

Dont let the ink from his pen bleed! Eat his food for thought but also do the dishes.

By Chukwuma Charles Soludo In my 2005 National Democracy Day Lecture, I strongly argued that “for sustainable democracy, fundamental changes are required in the constitution, the electoral system, the fiscal federalism, as well as a gamut of legal-institutional reforms that are developmental and capable of promoting private enterprise and competition”. Seven years later, I feel more strongly about this point, and almost a sense of urgency to it. In the last two years, I have given several lectures on Nigeria’s …

Engineering and Technology Scholarships and Jobs for Week starting 03 September

Fresh intakes this september. More opportunities presented. Change is what is happening.Get in on it!Associate Research Scientist/Research Scientist Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) Research Positions in Engineering and Sciences Ikerbasque Foundation Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Injection-locking of Terahertz Frequency Quantum Cascade Lasers Engineering University of Leeds Post Doctoral Researcher in Photonics Engineering, Physics and Mathematics University of Dundee Post Doctorate Researcher in Photonics Engineering, Physics and Mathematics University of Dundee Design Service Experimental Officer Engineering and the Environment University of Southampton Marine Habitats Sensitivity Modeller Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems Northern Ireland Civil Service…