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Presidential Nuisance

What is it like to live in an African capital city? What is the relationship between the governed and the governators (apology to Arnold Schwarzenneger)? Here is one brilliant lawyers take from the city of Lagos. Let us know what it is like in your country or city!
Presidential Nuisance By Funke Aboyade

I hate to be the one to say it but the President, Goodluck Jonathan, and his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan’s, visits to different parts of the country are fast becoming a nuisance. Let me explain. At least thrice in the last two or so months the President and his wife have at various times visited Lagos. On each (in) auspicious occasion Lagos has practically shut down. Roads have been closed, traffic diverted - invariably at a standstill, nothing moves. Bedlam, to put it charitably, is what we experience each time they visit us in Lagos. A whole business day (and in the case of the last visit by Dame on June 3, the entire Sunday afternoon) is lost and nothing is achieved …

How To Achieve Decisive Reforms. The Wood-Worker Principle!

No matter how good or bad a base baller is, he must swing the bat if he/she ever hopes to make a home run. This true in love, business or career as it is in life. Nothing magically comes in to existence without action and activity. Consequently it is a loud cheer that i present our guest writer Mr Gabriel Zowam who is a reform and risk management expert. His advice is not just to the African state but to all of us as individuals. When we seek to achieve greatness do we go with the grain or against it? What plans do we bring to achieve the desires of our hearts and minds? Lets hear what Mr Zowam has to say.
By Gabriel Zowam

Many years ago, the United States government was faced with the menace of used beer bottles, which littered its streets, as Americans simply “drank and dropped”! But instead of setting up a special agency and infrastructure for apprehending and punishing the offenders, government simply restructured the system: it put a 5-cent deposit on each bottle, to be ref…

Engineering and Technology Scholarships for Week starting 25 June

We made a promise to create more ladders of opportunity for a greater number of people to climb their own way to success. And we will keep to that promise regardlessof how difficult to scholarship and job climate is. So here is this weeks tranche. Yes we must learn before we earn. Postdoctoral Research Assistant - 1 year post Royal Holloway, University of London Post-doctoral Research Associate Department of Cardiovascular Science and Department of Computer Science University of Sheffield Associate Research Computing Analyst Information Services Division, Research Computing and Facilitating Services University College London Research Associate in information propagation modelling with cognition and behaviour analysis Faculty of Computer Science & Technology University of Cambridge Associate Professor/Professor in Computer Science Faculty of Science Univers…

Engineering and Technology Scholarships Week starting 17 June

PhD Studentship in Media and Communication University of Leicester Lecturer Department of Economics University of Essex Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Strategy Kent Business School University of Kent Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Business/Applied Statistics (Management Science) Kent Business School University of Kent Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Marketing Kent Business School University of Kent Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Innovation and Enterprise (Teaching Focused) Kent Business School University of Kent Professors, Associate Professors and Assistant Professors - Various Disciplines Imperial College London Lecturer of Business Studies Seevic College Director of Sheffield Institute of Arts/Head of Department - Art & Design Faculty of A…

Pride. Greed. Folly

Guest article by  Dele Momodu “Beware of those who seek to take care of your need Lest your caretakers become your jailers” -Jim Rohn, The Treasury of Quotes

Fellow Nigerians, if you grew up in my generation or much earlier, you are likely to have come across the novels of one of the best thriller writers of all times, James Hadley Chase. I was a voracious reader of his books and that of Ian Fleming, who authored the James Bond series, as well as the amazing works of Nick Carter, Harold Robbins, Sidney Sheldon, Mario Gianluigi Puzo, Robert Ludlum, James Clavell, James Michener, Joan Collins, Leslie Charteris, Denise Robbins, Barbara Cartland, Agatha Christie and other authors of romance and thrillers. The reason was very simple; James Hadley chase was easily the master of the game. He was fast-paced and extremely pleasurable to follow and digest. His characters were so vivid that you could almost walk into them in a crowd. His language was modern and lucid. And his plots co…

On Anambra the Governor says "To Be"

The Governor responds by himself.

By Mr Peter Obi

Reading Mallam Nasir el-Rufai’s column of last Friday(Anambra's budget of misplaced priorities), it became clear that the only way to react to his ‘expert’ analysis of Anambra State is to dispel some of his incorrect assertions about the state; but without recourse to technical data that is now confirmed to be largely incorrect. An expert making categorical pronouncements on any state in Nigeria ought to first ensure that his data on the state is gathered from ‘experiencing’ the state, preferably first-hand, rather than from second-hand information; much of which may be flawed by ignorance or outright malice. We note the comparative data on indices of development, but their value is marred.
As seen through el-Rufai’s prisms, Anambra is adjudged to be witnessing increasing crime rate, infrastructure deficits, a number of strikes over minimum wage, higher tax burdens, exodus of  the elite, lack of …