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The Virtuous Man. Who can find? Part ONE.

This essay is not my work and was sent to me by a good friend pointing out the perils in marriage.PART ONE: The story goes thus:I, Sarah Adams take Lawson Kuti as my lawful wedded husband, to love and to cherish, in sickness and in health, till death do us part” she smiled at him through her veil.
“You may now kiss your bride Mr. Lawson” the Pastor beckoned.
>Lawson’s heart raced as he gently unveiled his bride’s face. She looked so beautiful. He gently bent over and placed a soft kiss on her lip. Sarah in turn embraced him tightly with tears of joy streaming down her face.“Never leave me Sarah” he whispered in her ear.“I will never leave you” she whispered and they slowly released themselves from the embrace.“I present to you the latest couple!” The Pastor exclaimed excitedlyThe church cheered and Sarah cried more in her husband’s arms5 years Later
Sarah silently tip toed behind her husband. He was in his study, engrossed in reading. She smiled to herself and gently covered his e…

A new year. Starting 2013 with Startup Ideas.

Well it is a new year although for some it is already seems like an old year. For us in the RealSaint Inc our year started in a rural village called Umugama. It is in a town called Umuchu which is not yet on Google maps. How do we know? Er because we used Dr Lace's phone and google maps to drive from Festac town in Lagos to Umuchu in Anambra. The wonders of modern technology. Google maps and word of mouth took us quite accurately from west Nigeria to east Nigeria. The service was mostly reliable except for the points along the route when the mobile carrier signal was poor.

So yeah my home town/village is not yet on Google.

Never mind, one thing is universally clear. There is no better way to start a year than to consider start ups. For the past 2 years we have dutifully served job and scholarship opportunities to our teeming readers. This will not stop. However we also want to share the experience of experts in creating innovative companies and organisations. For Africa it is cle…