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In Memory of Commander Murtala Mohammed Daba

1.         The death of Commander Muritala Mohammed Daba leaves a huge vacuum in our lives. According to news reports he died on active duty while flying the governor of Kaduna state and the immediate past National Security Adviser in a Nigerian Navy helicopter. We mourn not because we are naive about human mortality, fretful for our turn or impudent of God’s prerogative. It is Gods privilege alone to give life and every officer in the Nigerian Navy, Army or Air Force knew the risks before we bravely signed up. Naturally, the statistics for death are startling. One in every one will die, as none of us will leave this life alive. However, even the heavens applaud the brilliance of a shooting star and Commander Daba did shine. If the situation was reversed Oga would not bother with the circumstances of death like some do. He would smile and say “Chukwunonso .... Allah Yayisah”. Well I am not that charitable. This is the second day since Al-Jazeera broke the news and we ar…