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Effective Communication ... International Jobs and Scholarships week ending 01 October 2017

Last week I listed 8 principles that underpin Agile Project Management (APM). You may have noticed that both Principle 3 -Collaborateand Principle 7 - Communicate continuously and clearly, share a strong similarity. I will not be so bold as to say that, "poor communication is the only cause of project failure" (and remember that project here covers everything from course work, winning that partner to career work). However looking back at my life I can see effective communication created major wins and ineffective communication only caused grief. It is true that a Chinese proverb says talk does not cook fried rice but trust me having the right instructions does help!

There are tonnes of reasons why our communication could be sub par. Personally I had a bad stutter as a child so even as an adult, I prefer not to speak unless I absolutely have to. Nevertheless it was comforting to learn that face-to-face communication is as much about listening (verbal messages) and watching (bo…