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Stirrings of Democracy

How many of us read the Nigerian Mid term report? Well i have not. Have you? Today the government through the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) highlights a little of its own achievements in the past 2 (or is it three depending on who is counting the) years.

Of course you can draw your own conclusions.

Warm regards and have a happy week.

Tomorrow I will share my experience last week with the airlines from Madrid to Dusseldorf.

Anyim Pius Anyim
It is now two weeks since we all celebrated Democracy Day.  Within the intervening period, Nigerians have had time to digest and react to the Mid-Term Review Report, through which the government of President Goodluck Jonathan gave us an update on policy and governance issues under the Transformation Agenda. We recall that on May 29, the president said: “Democracy is as much a result as it is a process and today’s event invites us to reflect on both the processes and results of our thriving democracy. There is evidenc…

Development as a distraction

Is it true that black people are easily excited? That they are unable to think through a problem coherently and realise a sensible solution? Is this a design flaw inbuilt by nature or developed by nurture? I am a christian and the Bible does not distinguish between skin tone. In the book of Genesis chapter 1 and verses 26 - 27 God chose to make man in His own image. So we belong to the class of God that is why we should be able to pray and fellowship with God. This is a slippery slope so I shant go any further down that road. Perhaps the African tendency to pander (and I have not agreed that African's do have this tendency, i am just saying assuming they do perhaps it) is because of nurture. Over easter while trying to acquire some samples for my research work i went to some very deprived forests in South West Nigeria. When i told my mum how indignant I was that the people did not have clothes to wear she answered in her usual wisdom, "people that are that poor will first ne…