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Working Alive ... Global Scholarships and Job Opportunities for week ending 6 August 2017

When is the right time to quit your job? How do you know you are not what TotalJobs call the working dead? This dilemma happens to everyone. At the start your job used to inspire you but now it just seems to tire you. Reasons why employees may become disengaged include feeling undervalued, perceiving that managers do not care about their career development or presuming that there aren't many opportunities available within the company or sector.  In terms of value I once heard it said that, "be where you are celebrated and not just tolerated". What I consider missing from that quote is the necessary work and learning required to move from Tolerated Town to Celebrated City. Through a combination of training, work experience, academic study, volunteering, events and seminars and self-study that transition is possible. The Institution of Engineering Technology (IET) developed the acronym TWAVES to refer to this.  Depending on the company, country and/or culture, your manage…