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Davos and Us... Academic Scholarships and Engineering Job Opportunities for the week ending 31 January 2014

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Today we enter the last week of January. The clock keeps ticking while some of us keep wishing rather than doing. Last week the Global elite went for the annual talking shop and photo opportunity that the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland has become. From the litany of news report and indepth analysis what seemed most worrisome to me was the battle between man and machine. This is not another sequel of the Terminator franchise. The fact is that the disruptive ability of Information Technology is being keenly felt in many middle class jobs. Like I observed last week a plethora of mid-level jobs are being taken over by computers. This means that those jobs that you intended to do at the beginning of your undergraduate degree may no longer be there when you graduate.

The trend is only set to accelerate. Therefore entire career paths will be swept away by the tsunami of technological innovation.

Your only bulwark is to be as prepared as you can be. In all you do get …

Midweek Essay: Nigeria in 100 Years

Nigeria: The Next 100 Years

Author: Eddie Iroh Series: Eddieiro’s INTERVENTION  Contact:
I  have a strong feeling that in spite of all the planning that went  into the centenary, the event still caught Nigerians at crossroads. They did not know precisely how to receive it. Is it a celebration, a commemoration, a rejection, a reaffirmation, or a distraction? Would it be appropriate to hail it in the same manner we celebrate October 1 (“Happy Independence!”)? Happy Amalgamation does not exactly roll off the tongue, does it? And really would it be wise to shout Happy Centenary! for a colonial concoction that was forced down the people’s throat more for the convenience of administering the colony than the long-term good of the people? Indeed is it not true that some of the people described it as the “Mistake of 1914”? Judging from social and mainstream media reactions of Nigerians, I believe that the centenary means all these to different strata of N…

Age of Innovation ... Academic Scholarships and Engineering Job Opportunities for the week ending 24 January 2014

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I am shooting from the hip here but if truth be told, there is a lot happening in life and it breaks my heart when people are unable to see the opportunities that are right there before them. Perhaps it is because of my sad experience searching high and low for funding to pursue my own dreams or maybe it is because I firmly believe that everyone deserves a decent stab at life. No one should be left behind on the road to fulfillment, success and achievement but we must retain hope in the face of despair or else we snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

 In this age of innovation it is clear that those are ill equipped will miss out on the future. Innovation may be the elixir of progress but it has always cost people their jobs. In the last 30 years the digital revolution has displaced many of the mid-skill jobs that underpinned the 20th-centurey middle-clas life. Typists, ticket agents, bank tellers, filling station attendants (at least in the West and developed Asia) and…

AitzazHasan Courage, Sacrifice .... Academic Scholarships and Engineering Job Opportunities for the week ending 17 January 2014

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The statistics for death are quite impressive. One in one will die. From the moment the baby takes it's first breath a time will come when the same individual breathes the last. It is a question of 'when' not 'if'. An eternal time keeper insists that some day, some time, some place we will all leave this earth just as certainly as we came in.