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Degrees are just Paper....International Scholarships and Engineering Jobs for Week ending 06 July 2014

"A degree is just paper". Yep, that is what she said. The "she" in question is an aspiring blogger who can not string two sentences together despite claiming to have a UK degree. We were discussing the relevance of education to social mobility and that was her summary like a thunder bolt from Nigerian striker Musa's right foot. Even though she said it spitefully, if the truth be told she scored me there because flustered as I was she does have a point.

Only recently no other person than the US President Barack Obama, himself a living proof of the ability of education to throw a man to the pinnacle of opportunity received shtick for apparently criticising liberal arts degree. Sadly in the case of this blogger I was the engineer and she was the liberal arts type yet what did she really mean? What did President Obama mean? As a side note the traditionally antagonistic Republican party commended Obama's remarks. Talk of friends in low places.

Truth is that in …

I am Happy....International Scholarships and Engineering Jobs for Week ending 22 June 2014

"Excuse me sir. Excuse me sir" said the little boy in the men's toilet at the Chinese Buffet in Wood Green, North London. I froze as if unsure that the young child could be talking to me and slowly looked around the toilet to be sure that there was no one else.  It had to be me then!

This was Saturday, one day before Father's Day and two days before the Nigerian football team jokingly named 'Super Eagles' refused to fly let alone be super. I mean this is London. Kids are not allowed to use the toilets by themselves so I wondered if he wanted his adult minder or parent or guardian, "Sorry are you speaking to me" still unsure I asked.

"Yes sir".

Now any man will tell you that there are three unspoke rules in the men's lavatory:
(A) do not look at anyone.
(B) do not talk to anyone and
(C) definitely do not touch anyone.

Somehow this 4 or 5 year old boy had broken the first two and I could not trust him on the third. Stepping back I said,…

GAU Graduation. Engineering Jobs and scholarships for week ending 13 June

The 28th Girne American University graduation has come and gone. It was a sight to behold. More importantly there were a few takeaways directly related to my quest to see more people win funding for their education.My flight through Belgrade to London is boarding so watch this space. Yes its 5am in Larnaca.