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Yakubu Gowon and the ramblings of discontent

Nigeria's Schism


F ormer military head of state and elder statesman, General Yakubu
Gowon, cuts a quixotic figure of history and complicates the taxonomy of
the 1966-70 era of Nigeria’s history. If you have not heard of taxonomy
before, you are not alone-you are, in fact, in the majority. ‘Taxonomy
is one of those words that most people never hear or use. Basically, a
taxonomy is a way to group things together’ and a less specific but more
familiar synonym would be classification.

So what was the taxonomy of this most problematic era? Originally the
taxonomy was the Eastern region versus the Northern region and then it
widened to become the Northern region (plus Western region) versus the
Eastern region. There was also the overlapping classification of the
Army hawks of both Eastern and Northern regions versus one another. The
former was headed by the late Ikemba Emeka Odimegwu Ojukwu, while the
latter was anchored by the late Gene…

The parable of the Danfo or Mutatu Girl

The Lessons Beyond the Tears
The Verdict By Olusegun Adeniyi;

"Something interesting happened on my way to Oshodi this morning.
At the motor park, this rough mean-looking conductor was screaming for
passengers, his vernacular oscillating between Yoruba and Pidgin
English. “Oshodi! Oshodi!” he shouted angrily as I, along with some
other passengers, struggled for seats. There was this beautiful young
lady who couldn’t throw caution and decorum to the wind but waited
patiently until the bus was almost filled. Then she pleaded to sit by
the conductor until somebody came down, when she would have a proper

"The bus conductor didn’t even look at her pretty face; he hissed
and shouted at the driver to move, while asking the girl why she didn’t
rush like the other passengers. The girl started pleading in Yoruba
interspersed with English before saying, “I know you are a good man,
never mind the fact that you have been shouting”, (that el…

African Election Preparation

Ready or Not INEC, the Election Season is Upon Us
Legal Eagle By May Agbamuch-Mbu, Email:

On 8 June 2010 Professor Attahiru Jega was nominated by President
Goodluck Jonathan as the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral
Commission (INEC). One must add that he took to the job like a duck to
water, having previously  been a member of the Justice Uwais led
Electoral Reform Committee between August 2007 and  December 2008.The
Commission which he heads was inaugurated on 30 June 2010 and had very
little time to prepare for the April 2011 elections. In the following 4
years Prof. Jega embarked on a comprehensive reformation of the
electoral system. On reviewing the existing guidelines, new procedures
for the conduct of elections were introduced, as were Permanent Voters
Cards (PVCs), Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) and the updating of
INEC’s register, among many other reforms. Prof. Jega has recently been
assuring Nigerians that the 2015 poll…

Nigerian Politricks: An observers view

15 Nov 2014

Fellow Nigerians, let me state my interest in APC very clearly and
urgently in order to clear any lingering ambiguity on the matter. I’m
not a card carrying member of APC and have no intention of being one in
the near future. I remain a member of the National Conscience Party
despite the fact that we are undoubtedly one of the tiniest political
parties in Nigeria today. I’m of the view that the crisis in Nigeria
transcends what political parties alone can tackle and handle with
requisite proficiency and competence. All hands must therefore come on
deck to save this sinking ship before our nation is buried alive by
gamblers and vampires. We must speedily correct the terrible impression that Nigeria is the
exclusive preserve of politicians and political parties. There is ample
evidence that only about 15 to 20 percent of our voting population
actually belong to one party or anot…

Slump in Oil Prices: A Progressive Way Out

Slump in Oil Prices: A Progressive Way Out
Guest columnist Bola Ahmed Tinubu

A wash in the great tide of politics, we must not forget why politics
can be a noble endeavour.  It leads to governance. When done correctly,
governance can reform a nation and improve the lot of the people. In the
hands of the ignorant and the mean, governance cast abundant misfortune
upon a nation and upon the welfare of its citizens.

This commentary concerns governance and policy more than it does
politics. I offer it to generate debate on an important economic issue.
No matter who is in power, we must do whatever is in our capacity to
steer the nation away from economic woe. The people have suffered too
much hardship already. Neither side of the political divide should seek
to purchase transient advantage at the high price of dousing the people
in greater economic calamity. Thus, I suggest this progressive’s
position on how best to shape economic policy during this period of
falling oil prices. …

Religion and Politics in Africa

Toying With the Fire of Religion
c.Don Adinuba                                               guest columnist

While retiring as the Chief of Army Staff in 1979, Lt Gen Theophilus Danjuma expressed profound fears about Nigeria’s future. “I am not aware of any nation”, the Daily Times reported him as saying, “which has survived both a civil war and a religious war”. Religious bigotry and manipulation had by this time not become an issue in Nigeria. That was why Alhaji Shehu Shagari, a devout Muslim, who was to become Nigeria’s first executive president on October 1, 1979, appointed only Christians to head the military and the police force.  Lt Gen Gibson Jallo was made the Chief of Army Staff, Admiral Akin Aduwo the Chief of Naval Staff, Air Marshall Dominic Bello the Chief of Air Staff and Mr. Sunday Adewusi the Inspector General of Police. The succeeding government was going to be headed by two Fulani Muslims from the Northern part of Nigeria, namely, Major General Muhamm…