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Commitment ... Global Jobs and Scholarships week ending 03 December 2017

This past Thursday it was Thanksgiving and then on Friday it was Black Friday. You can tell Christmas is just round the corner. In the spirit of the season I will keep things light (and commercial). Have you heard the one about the Chicken and the Pig? Well stop me if it comes to you, but to continue, the chicken and the pig were together the week before Thanksgiving when the chicken says, “Let’s start a restaurant!”. The pig mulls this over and then says, “what would we call this restaurant?”. The chicken has a broad smile and says, “Ham & Eggs!”. The pig thinks for a moment and says. “No, thanks. I’d be committed, but you’d only be involved!”. This story and variants of it has been around for years. The moral of the story is that in every endeavour there will be chickens and there will be pigs whether we like it or not!
At the team or project level, it is important that you are able to identify those on your team who can commit to a goal and do the work that is required to achiev…