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Seasons ... Academic and Engineering Job Opportunities for the week ending 29 November 2013

Yes it is me again.

How is everyone?  In this part of the world no one can doubt that it is that season. The shops are dressed in Holly & Ivy with gift wrapped presents while retailers have drawn in for the kill. Life typically has its seasons. Something I learn is to "enjoy" the good seasons with the bad seasons, the busy seasons with the not-so-busy seasons.

Last week was continuation of "busy" season for me. In between my research work and teaching MSc labs I also had to run down to Manchester to deliver an oral presentation of my research at the 2013 European Modelling Symposium. Both parts of my presentation are here and there! On the Friday I also had an examination at London Business School. First thing I observed is that my handwriting is becoming poor no thanks to always typing everything out when i am not scribbling in the lab. I noticed my writing was becoming disappointing when taking down notes during my experiments in the lab but I always assumed…

Todd Hirsch, job hunting and African Economic Decline

Between Academic Skills and Fields

This recent piece, written by Todd Hirsch, the Calgary-based chief economist of ATB Financial and author of “The Boiling Frog Dilemma: Saving Canada from Economic Decline”, will serve young graduates regardless of country and clime as they navigate the job market.The message is simple: whatever your hand finds to do, begin from there. I am well aware that the African terrain is quite different from the Canadian one on which the author based his write up but the inherent lesson cuts across boundaries as it simply teaches that fresh graduates should be wise.

Here is what Todd Hirsch wrote:
Dear Applicant: Thank you for your letter inquiring about positions in our economics department. At this time, we have no openings. However, I will keep your letter on file should an appropriate job become available. At least, that's what I am required to tell you. But here's what I'd really like to say to you - and to every recent economic…

Storms and Thunder ... Academic and Engineering Job Opportunities for the week ending 22 November 2013

Hello everyone

How do you do?

Last week was busy as usual. The Typhoon in Phillipines left many people dead and reminds us of how lucky we are to be alive and safe. The global response to the victims confirms that on earth "we are in this together". Also, the communique at the end of China's third plenum suggests the possibility of economic reform which could further affect the thousands of graduating science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students world wide. Historically the 'third plenum' is the one to watch as it enables the incumbent leader set his reform agenda. Finally, the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) holding in Colombo, Sri Lanka this week gives Nigeria and South Africa the opportunity to press the current 'family government' of Mr Mahindra Rajapaksa on the appalling human's rights records particularly with respect to the end of the Tamil Tigers civil war. Already the Prime Ministers of India and Canada a…