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Nigerian Lawmakers Top Worlds Best Pay List

Paying lawmakers Nigerian lawmakers have once again topped the world's best pay list in a recent article by the UK based Economist magazine. In terms of absolute salary terms Nigeria's legislators are second only to Australia but ahead of their colleagues from Italy, USA, and Singapore who complete the top 5 most well paid legislators in the world. Although the Australian parliamentarians earn slightly more than their Nigerian counterparts, the Nigerian legislators are not so easily outdone. If the salary is considered in terms of national productivity figures then Nigerian legislators are the undisputed "world champions" earning 116 (one hundred and sixteen) times the country's GDP per person. The Australian, Italian, American and Singaporean legislators salary are respectivley 3, 5.8, 3.8 and 3 times the GDP of their countries. Despite the relatively high salaries of other African legislators, Nigeria remains the "giant of Africa" distantly followed…

Obama investing in Africa - Diary of Nonsoezeoke

Hello everyone

It has been a long time sinceI thought to blog at all. Very busy month. I orally presented two papers at international conferences in A Coruna and Madrid and also took a few days off to Dusseldorf and Amsterdam. The trips were very expensive too although I have just finished turning in the receipts for the official bits in the hope of literally clawing back some of the money.

In other news the rise of shale gas and other energy means there will soon be a paradigm shift in Energy politics. America, China, Russia and even England are beginning to develop their unconventional petroleum resources such as shale and bitumen or oil sands. For me as person that ought to be good news as my PhD research is essentially the use of satellites and electromagnetic energy to discover these resources where they exist but as everything in life there will be winners and there will be losers. Being able to win requires "seeing round a corner" as Jack Welch would suggest or "…