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Security Competition for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is presently all things to everyone. For some it is the connected home where your fridge can 'talk' to your cooker. I presume the conversation will be, "what are your plans for dinner?". To others it is being able to control the lighting or heating at home from your work desk or even your watch. Regardless of what it is to you one things is certain there are real risks to deployment. I mean what if someone hacks into (God forbid) your cooker and sets off a fire? Well people are looking into security of IoT as the following post on the New York Times makes clear.

The vision of the so-called internet of things — giving all sorts of physical things a digital makeover — has been years ahead of reality. But that gap is closing fast.

Today, the range of things being computerized and connected to networks is stunning, from watches, appliances and clothing to cars, jet engines and factory equipment. Even roadways and farm fields are being upgraded with…