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Unstoppable Power in Your Seed - Benny Hinn

Unstoppable Power in Your Seed The God we serve is a God of miracles and awesome power. There truly is nothing impossible with Him. He’s faithful, He’s loving, He’s forgiving, and He’s giving! I know that restoration is God’s plan for us all, and what I’m going to share with you now is going to help you see restoration, totally and completely in your life. The Rest of Our Restoration Story When Suzanne and I went through our painful struggles for a period of three years, I thought I would lose everything. At that time I had lost my home and my marriage. My children were gone. Truthfully, I thought I would lose my mind. It was the most difficult time of my life. But after we went through our divorce, it got even worse. I honestly felt as though everything I had worked for all my life was being taken from me—not just materially, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Even after ministering to massive crowds around the world, I came home to an empty house night a

Life. Love, Death...Academic and Engineering Job Opportunities for the week ending 19 October 2013

Hello everyone It has been a while since I posted jobs and scholarships online. In the past one month I had several tight deadlines for my research work including giving two oral presentations and a hectic laboratory schedule.  The first was at the 64th International Astronautical Congress which held in Beijing, China from 23 - 27 Sept ember. My paper titled, "Determining the Synthetic Aperture Radar Signature of Terrain for Earth Observation using Computer Electromagnetic Models" was well received by the Young Professionals Virtual Forum session on Human Space Endeavor.   The video has not been cut or sent to me yet and due to pressure from work it was my first online presentation to a gathered conference. A bit daunting since you can not feel the reaction with the audience but it is probably how presentations of the future will go.  However online education and universities such as "" may become the norm particularly for the emerging world.