Fuel Scarcity and Medicine. Brothers keeper?

What is the link between fuel and medicine? If your first answer was "none" then think again. Workers in Lagos state are about to prove the hausa adage right that,"if fire is burning down your neighbours hut, pour water on your hut because you could be next". The National Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) have gone on strike in support of 788 sacked medical doctors in Lagos state. We all know that it is only the brightest and the best that dared venture in to medicine. It is amazing that "lesser mortals" call the shots and in one fell snoop 788 workers where sacked just because they asked for a modest improvement in the conditions of service.

Now we enter the era of citizens diplomacy. One for all and all for one. It is important that elected representatives at all levels watch this emergent scenario with keen interest as Nigerians are beginning to find their voice. No amount of brazen upmanship will quell the nascent feelings of disappointment and protest. Sadly everyone notes that Governor Fashola is primus inter-pares when compared with other governors yet this hardwork will not excuse him from the looming protest. We do not need the gift of prophecy to realise that woe betides any other governor with less credentials treating workers like saw dust.

Fuel Scarcity Looms as NUPENG Commences Strike, Articles | THISDAY LIVE


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