At the Beginning

At the beginning? Well there was nothing.

Isn't it amazing how scientists, church folk and traditionalists all agree we came from nothing? OK so church folk differ a little. They say there was darkness and nothingness but God existed before all that. While the Darwinian crew say there was a big bang. Yes. Please think sagging jeans and converse trainers with hoodies when i say "Darwinian crew". If E=mc squared and the grand all unified god theorem is true then my solution is simple. God said, "Let there be light" and bang there was! Don't you dare look at me like that. Everyone plagiarizes. Is there such a word? Anyway I never did say i was religious guru, scientific aficionado and historian rolled in one. I love the way that word rolls on my lips, "aficionado" and i am not even certain i spelt it right but yeah neither physics nor religious knowledge were favorites in school. So? Excuse my lame excuse for history. And forgive the pun while your at it.

This is fun.

What am i doing? Ehm. Like everyone else in this web2.0 age I am shamelessly promoting myself. My nothingness. Except blogspot offers an opportunity to promote the nothingness about me in a way Facebook;s status update and Twitters 160 characters can not. What will therealsaints blog talk about? I dont know. Beats me. We all profess our right to be heard, even when we have nothing reasonable to say. Thats what Paul Simon must have meant in his ageless classic Bridge over trouble waters, "people talking without speaking/listening without hearing".

As for me? If i get one person to read this other than me? That is success in my book... oops i mean blog. There was a time when all i did was read. Now i plan to do nothing but write. Both are the same to me. I'm not getting paid either way!

At this point i do not know what else to say? You can think something up and hit me back. While your at it how about, "welcome to the world of TheRealSaint"? Did you notice i also call myself citizen of the world? Shameless self promotion. Okay its more like one word citizenoftheworld but its brilliant eh? Of course i want to remain anonymous like the writer of the new political novel, O: The Presidential Story. Except that he will probably get paid by Simon and Schuster but what do i get?


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